Concert in the Park was chill. Pics.

Make sure to take blankets and chairs to Paddock Park next Saturday, June 18, 2016 to hear the very popular Jeffrey Gaines. It's 10 bucks. It starts at 6. You can find plenty of parking around there (the produce store will be closed, so that lot will be convenient). iRadioPhilly/Kelly Music for Life is using awesome local startup Ticketleap, too. Good stuff, all around. … [Read more...]

Retiring old flags, and YAY! Flag Day!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 is Flag Day. Let's show Delco how it's done! __________________________ The US Library of Congress tells us the legend of the flag, which all Townies should know by now: It's said that George Washington approached Betsy Ross (a seamstress) to sew up a flag. This was in June of 1776, a month before the Declaration of Independence was to be announced. We imagine good old Betsy had to tell the rest of her clients to GFY for that month. Having a rush job to make an entire new flag for a new country that would undoubtedly go to war soon was probably a bit stressful. Anyway, it got done. And how shrewd of old George to know a flag would be needed before the big day. It's almost as if the Founding Fathers knew what they were doing, eh? There have been 27 different versions of the US flag. The current one we have was established in 1960, after Hawaii was the 5-0 State of the Union. We'll probably see more states added in our lifetime, namely Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands or others. We always thought 52 stars would be nice, as it would match a card deck. The US was such a huge gamble in the beginning. A card deck is fitting, in a way. Someone in HavertowniesHQ direct area flies a flag that is tattered and torn. This is a big no-no. Let's all display nice, intact flags this Tuesday. No stains, rips or shreds. New flags are sold everywhere and they aren't that expensive. Also, if flags are flown at night, they must be lit up like the Fourth of July. Let's make an effort. The flag is for everyone, not just the crazies. Let's win the most-flags-out-on-flag-day (non-existent) prize. Maybe we can get some good press in The News of Delco. We might not be the la-dee-dah safest township in Pa but we're a civil rights, life, liberty, pursuit-of-wine-sales-in-Giant loving bunch, despite our political differences. Can we all just stick out one little flag on Tuesday? Let's do it. The scouting troops in the area and the VFWs take old … [Read more...]

Armed Robbery, Car and Foot Chase, Arrest

This latest Press Release from Haverford Police Department reads like a movie script. (But holy crap, armed robbery?! At Grasslyn and Ellis?!) HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT 1010 Darby Road Havertown, Pennsylvania 19083 Official Press Release On Friday May 27, 2016 at 0211 hours Haverford Township Police were dispatched to the area of Grasslyn Avenue and Ellis Road for an armed robbery that had just occurred. The initial investigation revealed that two actors armed with handguns had just robbed a subject at gunpoint. The victim stated that the actors were two black males; one was described to be in his twenties, thin build approximately 5'10', clean shaven and wearing a gray or white shirt and black pants. The second actor was described as, being a heavy build with a full beard wearing dark clothing. The victim stated the gun displayed was dark in color. The actors got into a silver colored Hyundai and fled the area at a high rate of speed. While officers were checking the area for the suspect vehicle they were advised that Marple Township Police were in foot pursuit of two suspects at West Chester Pike and New Ardmore Avenue in Marple Township. Haverford Township Police units did respond to that location. Marple police reported that they observed the silver Hyundai traveling westbound on West Chester Pike and attempted to stop the vehicle. The vehicle failed to stop and pulled into the parking lot of 2201 West Chester Pike Broomall. Both occupants exited the vehicle and fled on foot. Officers from Marple Township, Newtown Square Township, Springfield Township and Haverford Township established a perimeter in the area and initiated K-9 tracks. HTPD K9 Jango located 9mm black in a grass lot adjacent to 2201 West Chester Pike. Police located a black male subject hiding in an exterior basement stairwell of a residence. The subject was taken into custody without incident. HTPD K9 Jango located a second handgun in the rear yard where the … [Read more...]

Nextdoor says shout-outs OK any day

  **Today our founder, Christine Cavalier, talks about her experience as a Lead in a neighborhood social network.** _______________ Unlike the "Designated Business Day" the Havertown Community Group and others have on Facebook, the Nextdoor policy is to allow for business "shout outs" (spontaneous recommendations) any day of the month without any restrictions on frequency or subject of posts, nor any scrutiny into the post writer's affiliations. Nextdoor and online communities After being one of local-neighborhood-social-network app’s founding leads in my town, after recruiting over 100 members to my neighborhood group alone, and after being a lead and a moderator for years, I've quit the app. Several weeks ago, a firestorm lit up about a post in the Haverford Nextdoor general stream. A member gave a "shout out" to a local business. This was what we called an "unsolicited recommendation" i.e., no-one asked specifically a recommendation or information about the services the business provided. As a Nextdoor lead, I received a good amount of private messages about the post and others like it. In the comment sections of the posts, arguments arose over whether or not we would allow it. “No” surfaced as the best answer. People's motivations/affiliations are impossible to identify, and we didn't want our stream filled with business posts or blatant advertising. Already we'd had "social sellers" shamelessly plug their wares (and the posts were flagged. I removed them). We didn't want to encourage more of the same. Building a forum Things went along fine once that fight flickered out. We were learning how to use "ISO" for classified ads when we were "in search of" something. We were deciding whether or not to recommend ourselves if someone was asking for specific services, e.g. realtors or massage therapists. I kept an eye on the national Nextdoor Leads forums for guidance. The forum was growing in a polite and calm … [Read more...]

Double Rainbow

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Civil War Dancing, Anyone?

Philly Voice reports on the oddest stuff. But H-Town is weird, and we like it that way! Here's the article: Learn the dance styles of the Civil War era at Haverford library The event is part of One Book, One Philadelphia  BY SINEAD CUMMINGS PhillyVoice Staff   Each year communities in the greater Philadelphia area create programs and events for the Free Library of Philadelphia's project One Book, One Philadelphia, which promotes the reading and discussion of a single book. "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier is the book chosen for 2016.  Frazier's novel tells the story of a Civil War soldier returning to the woman he loves. To celebrate the book, the Haverford Township branch of the Free Library of Philadelphia is hosting a class on Civil War dance styles. The Civil War Dance Foundation will bring dancers to the library to demonstrate the dances and discuss the period.  After the demonstration, attendees will have a chance to try the dances themselves.  While the event is free, registration is required to attend.  Civil War Dance Program Sunday, March 20 1:30 p.m. | Free Haverford Township Free Library Philly Voice Article Denisbin on Flickr: Dance photo C&O Canal NHP on Flickr: Barn dance photo … [Read more...]

Collingswood Facebook Community Group (Like H-Town’s) Blows Up

Phillyvoice has an article about yet another Facebook community group splintering due to drama trauma. Why did journalist Kevin C. Shelly report this non-event as "news" when it isn't really new? Because in our modern era, online groups are something worth talking about. We want our own community groups to help to our community instead of hinder it. Collingswood's group seems to have split up over typical stuff. Usually, bad member behavior and a lessening of moderation by the group's administrators cause the rift. If rule-reminders aren't handed out regularly, behavior doesn't re-align with the goals of the group. Behavior grows more errant until a split occurs. A new group is formed with a curated membership, similar rules, and good moderation. We have one or two Facebook Community Groups here in H-Town. The most active is the Havertown Community Group (HCG), run by Administrators Kim Lacovara-Barr and Carrie Kauffman. The HCG has 3,770 members. Haverford Township has (by 2010 census) 35,878 residents. That means HCG's membership is roughly 10.5% of the population. (These numbers are estimates, as HCG members can come from surrounding towns). As far as Facebook groups go, these are some impressive numbers. It's very possible a group of this size can enact real change in H-Town. For example, one of the topics of conversation in the HCG right now may end up making a difference for all of us: The Red Plum Mailers. Townies are throwing around the idea of throwing the Red Plum Mailer people out of H-Town. Talk of a petition is brewing. (One can request Red Plum to remove her address from the list, but we've tried this and have seen no results. The mailers still end up on HavertowniesHQ's driveway). If enough interest is generated, perhaps the issue will be brought in front of the Commissioners or the Delco Board. That's powerful stuff. HCG's admins seem to be quite on top of things and will occasionally remind members to refer back to the rules. This is … [Read more...]

Townie woman pleads guilty in DuBois, PA

From GANT/CNN: Posted on Monday, February 22, 2016 by Julie Rae Rickard  DUBOIS – A Havertown woman has pleaded guilty to theft for trying to con money from a local church. Michele Thompson, 47, 26 Colfax Rd., Havertown was charged by DuBois City police with theft by deception and receiving stolen property, both misdemeanors of the first degree for her actions on Nov. 23 when she lied to representatives of St. Catherine’s Church to get financial assistance. Thompson pleaded guilty Friday during Centralized Court to a lesser charge of theft by deception, a misdemeanor of the third degree. The other charge was withdrawn. She must pay fines and costs totaling $472.50. According to the affidavit of probable cause, police were called to the S&T Bank on Liberty Boulevard because someone was trying to cash a stolen check. When police arrived, they met with Mary Rossi, who is the office manager at St. Catherine’s Church. She told them that a woman had contacted her earlier that day requesting financial assistance. The woman identified herself as Michele Thompson of Brockway and claimed to own a property in DuBois. Thompson stated that her tenant, Jennifer Douglas, was behind in rent and needed assistance from the church. Thompson claimed to be calling on behalf of Douglas as an alternative to starting the eviction process. She said Douglas was behind nearly $1,000 in her rent. Rossi said she agreed to help and transferred Thompson to Monsignor Richard Siefer. Thompson was issued a check for $200 and two $25 Martin’s Grocery gift cards. She arrived at the church in an old brown coupe and collected the donations, identifying herself as Douglas. Moments after this Rossi received a phone call from S&T Bank requesting permission to cash the check for Thompson. At this point, Rossi realized Thompson had deceived the church. Rossi immediately contacted police and went to the bank. Upon arriving Rossi recognized the brown car in the … [Read more...]

H-Town Priest going away for child porn & sexual abuse

Do you know this creep? We're sorry if you do. Patch put up an article yesterday about this derelict lowlife & how he'll spend his next 2 decades. Let's see his litany of crimes: *using the Internet to entice a minor to engage in sexual conduct *transfer of obscene material to a minor *distribution of child pornography *possession of child pornography *destruction or concealment of evidence Disgusting. We're guessing the plea was preferable to a long investigation and rounding up of sexual abuse victims. Let's hope this vile creature's pedophilia was contained to the depraved child pornography images and horrific chat room luring, and no child in the township was physically touched by this creep. (Doubtful, of course, but the charges sending him away fro 20 years to rot in hell-on-earth don't list rape or sexual assault). If you were abused or suspect someone is a victim of abuse, please contact the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence. No-one is above the law. … [Read more...]

House fire on Strathmore. UPDATE: 1 Fatality

Michael Glenn of the Haverford Police Department has released a statement that said the resident of the house on Strathmore was pronounced dead on arrival at the Emergency Department of Lankenau Hospital. Please: If you know the identity and/or address of this homeowner, please keep it off social media. Next of kin are still being located. Here is the official police statement from Brookline Fire Chief/Haverford Police Chief John Viola: Press Release-Strathmore Rd Fatal Fire   HAVERFORD TOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT 1010 Darby Road Havertown, Pennsylvania 19083 Official Press Release House Fire (Fatal) On Monday February 15th at approximately 1012 hours, the Haverford Township Police Department received a report of smoke coming from a home in the 500 block of Strathmore Rd. Fire Apparatus from Brookline, Llanerch, Oakmont, Manoa and Bon Air Fire Companies were dispatched to the scene along with units from Penn Medicine Paramedics, and the Haverford Township Police Department. The assistance of Narberth Ambulance was also requested due to the severe weather conditions. Upon arrival on scene police observed heavy smoke and fire visible in the rear of the home. The first officers on scene attempted to enter the home to check for occupants but were driven back by heavy smoke conditions. Fire personnel gained entry into the residence and located an elderly male on the first floor. The male was removed from the home and transported to Lankenau Hospital, where he was pronounced deceased upon arrival. The identity of the victim is being withheld at this time. The home sustained heavy damage and was demolished prior to the fire companies leaving the scene. The cause of the fire has not been determined at this time. The investigation is being conducted by the Haverford Township Police Department with the assistance of both the Delaware County Detectives and the PA State Fire Marshall Office. The Haverford Township Police Department wishes to … [Read more...]

Chickie’s & Pete’s have admitted to nothing…

But they are going to pay almost 7 million smackaroos to past servers for shorting them on their tips. Yes. STEALING their tips. Apparently it's OK for an employer to take a "tip credit" (whatever that is) but then a base rate of $2.13/hr must be paid. Along with stealing 60% out of the shared "tip jar," the establishment were basically a-holes in every way possible. They even made the servers go to the ATM to get cash to put in the tip jar to cover those tips that were put on credit cards (Lesson for you: always tip in cash!). Get a load of this crap, too: "...servers and bartenders were paid only a flat rate of $15 per shift at all locations except for Chickie's and Pete's airport establishment, according to the [Dept. of Labor]. That amount was not sufficient in all cases to even cover the minimum cash wage of $2.13 per hour that must be paid to a tipped employee when an employer claims a tip credit under federal law. Additionally, the employer allegedly failed to pay the required overtime wages to these employees when they worked in excess of 40 hours in a week. Investigators also determined that employees were not paid for time spent in mandatory meetings and training, and were improperly required to pay for uniforms." How dickish can you be? Apparently, lots. Along with the millions, Chickie's & Pete's has to pay $50,000 in fines. The fries are good, but they ain't that good. Maybe they should change their sign from this: to this: Buh bye, Cheater's & Pete's. Lots of other places to eat. BizJournal Article  … [Read more...]

PECO gonna creep your backyard. Maybe.

Chris Rock joked his only job as a dad was to keep his daughter "off the pole." Seeing that PECO pole inspectors are usually of the male persuasion, we're guessing he doesn't mean utility poles... Haverford Township will have a bunch o' pole workers in the area though. Every PECO pole (south of the Merion-Infernal-Buzzing-Goodyear-Blimp Club) will be inspected in the next 4 weeks. We emailed some Q's to a PECO dude (named Greg Smore. Yum.) and here are his A's: What is the projected schedule for Haverford Township? Work is currently in progress within the township and will continue for the next two to four weeks. The timeline for this work is dependent on weather and also may occur on Saturdays. Are there specific roads PECO will be targeting? We will be inspecting poles on all roads within the township, south of Merion Golf Club. Are the workers going to look at every single pole in the township? We will only be inspecting PECO-owned poles. What are the criteria on which they will be judging the pole’s safety and effectiveness? We evaluate each pole based on our wood pole inspection standards and procedures, in conjunction with the National Electric Safety Code. Can we expect any street closures? No road closures will be in effect for this work. What can our residents do to help either PECO or the workers that will be coming? Some poles are located in backyards behind locked fences or gates. If that is the case, our contractors will request access to inspect the poles. Please note that they should be able to show you a contractor ID badge. Where can our residents email or call now to report on specific poles they are concerned about? Customers can call the PECO customer care center at 1-800-494-4000. Customers should be able to provide the address or nearest cross street along with a description of the issue or concern. -courtesy of Greg Smore, PECO Dude. Here's the article, dated Jan 19, 2016: PECO … [Read more...]