What to do in H-Town if your pet makes a run for it

Dogs and cats are living together, out on the mean streets of H-Town. Well, maybe they aren't living "together" exactly. They insist they're just roommates. Still - what's the procedure if your pet makes a break for his gang banging buds? And what do you do if you find a domesticated animal? Search your surrounding neighborhood and ask your neighbors if they've seen the animal. Call the police (911). The animal control officer will keep an eye out for your pet. They can also lend you humane traps to lure a stray cat. You can also call Haverford Animal Control at 610‐853‐1298 ext. 2205. (Scroll down to see a .pdf from the township site. It has info about various pet issues.) Go to the DELCO SPCA and CHESTER SPCA pages and call or fill out information. Grab a recent pic and write up a great description. If you can, make a .pdf flyer. Think twice about posting flyers to poles. Doing so is actually prohibited in H-Town: "Posting notices upon utility poles, trees and/or public structures and buildings restricted. No person shall post or affix any commercial or political notice, poster or any other paper or device calculated to attract the attention of the public to any lamppost, public utility pole or shade tree or upon any public structure or building, except as may be authorized or required by law." If you do decide to "go rogue" and paper the neighborhood, make sure no identifying info or your home address is on the flyer. An email address or cell number is sufficient. Don't stick any flyers on US Postal Service receptacles. Mail slots on doors are OK to put flyers through. Outside mailboxes are not. USPS does not want you to put any materials in mailboxes, but if the residence has a door mail slot, you can put your flyer in that. Avoid houses with a "no soliciting" sign. From the USPS site: "If you have a curbside mailbox or a mailbox on the outside of your house, Postal Service regulations govern what can and can not be placed in … [Read more...]

PECO gonna creep your backyard. Maybe.

Chris Rock joked his only job as a dad was to keep his daughter "off the pole." Seeing that PECO pole inspectors are usually of the male persuasion, we're guessing he doesn't mean utility poles... Haverford Township will have a bunch o' pole workers in the area though. Every PECO pole (south of the Merion-Infernal-Buzzing-Goodyear-Blimp Club) will be inspected in the next 4 weeks. We emailed some Q's to a PECO dude (named Greg Smore. Yum.) and here are his A's: What is the projected schedule for Haverford Township? Work is currently in progress within the township and will continue for the next two to four weeks. The timeline for this work is dependent on weather and also may occur on Saturdays. Are there specific roads PECO will be targeting? We will be inspecting poles on all roads within the township, south of Merion Golf Club. Are the workers going to look at every single pole in the township? We will only be inspecting PECO-owned poles. What are the criteria on which they will be judging the pole’s safety and effectiveness? We evaluate each pole based on our wood pole inspection standards and procedures, in conjunction with the National Electric Safety Code. Can we expect any street closures? No road closures will be in effect for this work. What can our residents do to help either PECO or the workers that will be coming? Some poles are located in backyards behind locked fences or gates. If that is the case, our contractors will request access to inspect the poles. Please note that they should be able to show you a contractor ID badge. Where can our residents email or call now to report on specific poles they are concerned about? Customers can call the PECO customer care center at 1-800-494-4000. Customers should be able to provide the address or nearest cross street along with a description of the issue or concern. -courtesy of Greg Smore, PECO Dude. Here's the Businesswire.com article, dated Jan 19, 2016: PECO … [Read more...]