Havertownies: Stuff only the locals know about the people and places of Haverford Township.


What’s with the name?

The name “Havertownies” (shortened as “HT”) is a catchy combo of Havertown + “townie.” In classic American tradition, “townies” is a word used by outsiders — usually college kids — to refer negatively to the local citizens, but instead of being an insult it becomes a badge of honor for the townsfolk. “Don’t mess with me. I’m a townie” is a phrase said with hometown pride and just the right amount of attitude.

Why do we do this?

Here at Havertownies.com we like to promote, write about, and discuss the fun happenings, odd quirks, and everyday life in (and maybe around) Haverford Township. We want to provide a place on the web for neighbors and local businesses to get information, connect with each other, and chat at a virtual backyard fence.

When do we write?

Whenever the inspiration hits us. We don’t cover breaking news. There are other places online to check such things. We may link to news sites for sake of discussion.

What’s Havertownies.com’s Rating?

We are shooting for the range of G to PG-13. Sometimes our aim is bad.

Whose big idea was this anyway?

Havertownies.com was founded in June, 2013 by local resident “CCP.” Christine has lived with her husband and children in the Llanerch section of Havertown since April 2000 (a mere newbie), but has deep heritage in the township. Her mother’s family were farming residents in Havertown in the 1800’s and 1900’s and sponsored the establishment of the American Legion Veterans Post in the Oakmont section of town. The family’s dairy can be seen on historical maps and is mentioned in the book The History of Haverford Township. Some family gravestones can be found at St. Denis cemetery, including CCP’s grand-uncle who died in WWI in France for whom the Veterans Post was named.

picture of the purpura family

The CCP clan in OCNJ a few summers ago. *Hair color and clothing colors are subject to change without notice

Christine served on the Board of Trustees of Haverford Township Free Library and was the founder and Community Manager of Chatham Park’s PTO website, chathamparkfamilies.org. Christine started with an IRC account in 1988-89 and has worked in the tech and science research fields since then. At her other site, PurpleCar (Est. 2004), Christine blogs about the Psychology of Information Technology, which studies  how tech affects our lives. She works as a freelance writer and web consultant during the hours the kids are in school.

Who did all this fancy design?

The logo, the headers, background, coloring, font and overall design GREATness was done by Havertown resident Rick Wolff. Rick also did the header and logo for PurpleCar.

Want to contact Havertownies?

If you have a story idea, some info you want to share, or just want to chat, head on over to the Havertownies contact page. If you’re interested in getting the word out about your place of business or your organization’s event, hit up the Advertise Page.

Welcome to Havertownies.com, the place on the web for just us locals!