H-Town Priest going away for child porn & sexual abuse

Do you know this creep? We're sorry if you do. Patch put up an article yesterday about this derelict lowlife & how he'll spend his next 2 decades. Let's see his litany of crimes: *using the Internet to entice a minor to engage in sexual conduct *transfer of obscene material to a minor *distribution of child pornography *possession of child pornography *destruction or concealment of evidence Disgusting. We're guessing the plea was preferable to a long investigation and rounding up of sexual abuse victims. Let's hope this vile creature's pedophilia was contained to the depraved child pornography images and horrific chat room luring, and no child in the township was physically touched by this creep. (Doubtful, of course, but the charges sending him away fro 20 years to rot in hell-on-earth don't list rape or sexual assault). If you were abused or suspect someone is a victim of abuse, please contact the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence. No-one is above the law. … [Read more...]