Leaf collection up in the air

  The snow has compelled our trusty Townie workers to convert the trucks into snow removal machines. Larry Gentile, top Townie Whats-What-Sayer, wrote a note to 2nd Ward Commissioner Mario Oliva (R, who was recently re-elected), saying, basically: No idea if or when we'll get those last bits 'o tree trash this year: "This weather is not what we were hoping to happen this early.  Our crews were called into work last evening to break down the trucks from leaf collections to salting operations. It took most of the evening and we currently have 10 trucks ready to apply salt to our roads.  If the weather prediction is accurate and the snow freezes the leaves, our leaf collections will be complete for the year. It is too early to predict now but I will have more information for you Monday evening. Larry Gentile" Havertownies HQ has a big ol' pile of leaves out there waiting to be Noo-Noo'ed up. We may get a dose of what it's like to live in Montgo soon (they don't have a Noo-Noo and have to bag their own tree trash, like commoners!). Check here or our Facebook page or group for updates. UPDATE: We witnessed the leaf-sucking Noo-Noo truck in the Llanerch section on December 12, 2017 at about 11 a.m. … [Read more...]

No snow? No problem! (& snow shovel match-up)

We will be writing this post with our best Delco accent.  Here's the State of the Tewnship, right now: As ya probably kneow, an official H-Town Snow'mergency has been declared! Our intrepid officer-on-the-scene, Lt. Joe Hagan, has listed a whole crapload of roads ya cain't park on and if your car ain't got no chains then keep yer broke ass home! (Screll dewn to see Officer Hagan's noot). BUT! Havertownies has opened up the shoveling match-up service again! If you have a kid that wants to shovel snow this weekend, have them fill owt the form here: GOT SHOVELS? If you have walks and driveways to be cleared, fill owt the form here: GOT SIDEWALKS? We'll match up kids in neighborhoods with those needing snow removal, and we'll give yas a call on the phohhhne. We'll talk regular. Maybe.   You all are on your own in terms of money exchanged, insurance, etc. Don't sue us, we're just trying to be helpful. We don't cover or claim any responsibility. Use the forms and the service at your own risk.   From Officer Hagan:   Due to the most recent weather forecast and the high probability of extreme weather conditions, Haverford Township has declared a Snow Emergency effective 6 p.m. on Friday, January 22, 2016, as authorized by § 175-58 Declaration of Emergency of the Haverford Township Codebook of Ordinances. This declaration will assist in snow removal and the safe passage of emergency vehicles. The Emergency Declaration will end 6:00 p.m., on Sunday, January 24th, unless you receive further notification.  All unessential Township Facilities will remain closed during this event. When a snow emergency is declared, it shall be unlawful, at any time during the continuance of the emergency, for any person, firm or corporation: To park a motor vehicle or to allow that vehicle to remain parked anywhere on any Snow Emergency Route designated pursuant to this article; or To drive any vehicle on any such Snow Emergency route … [Read more...]

More Snowmageddon Info Feb 13 2014

Here is information from two press releases & a phone call from Township officials concerning the latest snowy onslaught and newest state of emergency. We don't know about your houses, but the Havertownies Headquarters now has 4 more bottles of wine and some scotch. School What-Daze-Is-It-Again? No school for the whole district tomorrow, BUT: Friday is a FULL DAY OF SCHOOL for Haverford Middle School, instead of the half day and conferences originally planned. If you had a conference scheduled for Friday, forget it. That sucker will be rescheduled. It isn't Valentine's Day, It's Get To Love Your Garbage day. NO TRASH PICKUP tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 13 or February 14, 2014. We have special guests coming to our house Saturday, so we'll have to find more room in the cans out back and hope the squirrels show us some mercy. Them guys ain't comin' to haul yer rubbish 'til Tuesday. Hush, hush now, with yer complaints. Voices carry. Mooove Yer Vehickels! We like to keep things super secret here in H-Town, so we don't mark the snow emergency routes. Either that or we just don't feel like ponying up the bucks to pay for signs, like the rest of Pennsyltucky. Anyhoo: We suspect the township is a bit more serious this time around about snow route clearing, seeing that they sent a press release with the affected roads in it, AND traffic was all jumbled up for hours on Darby and Brookline roads yesterday as crews with a huge front loader were scooping up piles of snow from the curbs and dumping it on the medians (or in some pile on Brookline). To wit, here's a direct quote from their press release: "The Township is requesting that all vehicles be removed from the streets as soon as possible. As the storm arrives and intensifies the Township would like to remind people to be careful and that only essential emergency personnel should be on the highways." So go over to our other post and check out the list. If your car is on it, move it off now, as the State of Emergency … [Read more...]

Got Shovels? Need Shoveling? Let’s connect!

A neighbor contacted us on our Havertownies Facebook page with concern about their 78-years-young (but not young enough to shovel) mom.  Her walks will need clearing come the 5 to 9 inches of snow they are forecasting. Sometimes the young shovelers in the area don't get to interact with the retirees we have here in the Township. Gone are the days where parents feel safe sending their girls and boys out to knock on doors to drum up shoveling customers. We've made some forms over on Google docs for the shovelers and the requesters to fill out.  As requests come in, we will match you up with people in your neighborhood. We are shooting for walking distance between homes. If you are a shoveler or have one in your house, fill out this GOT SHOVELS? form. If you are requesting shoveling services, fill out this GOT SIDEWALKS? form. Employees: Work hard and do a good job. You may not get paid, and you may not get paid much. Negotiate fairly ahead of time (it's a skill! time to practice!). Don't enter strangers' houses (even if they seem nice!). You can handle transactions at the front door. Work with a partner whenever you can. Make sure to put geo-location on on your phone when you are out, so your parents know where you are. Don't shovel after dark unless you have permission and are over 16. Stay safe! Don't shovel roadways or parking spots. And don't agree to take on extra tasks unless you've run it past your parents. Employers: Payment is a good idea. Kids these days don't get allowances like you think they do. Please make your own arrangements up front, though. And always remember: safety first. Don't put kids in dangerous situations. Do not ask them to shovel parking spots on the Township roads. Also: don't expect your walks will not be slippery. You can provide salt for the kids to spread but they are not responsible for the condition of your walks. Havertownies disclaimer: We aren't responsible for any interactions, actions, etc., that occur … [Read more...]

Weather WTH

We just received this email from Delco alertpa.org: "..WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 10 AM TUESDAY TO 6 AM EST WEDNESDAY... THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE IN MOUNT HOLLY HAS ISSUED A WINTER STORM WARNING FOR SNOW, WHICH IS IN EFFECT FROM 10 AM TUESDAY TO 6 AM EST WEDNESDAY. THE WINTER STORM WATCH IS NO LONGER IN   EFFECT."   First it says we have a winter storm warning in effect, then it says the winter storm watch is no longer in effect. "WARNING" and "WATCH" sound an awfully a lot like the same thing. But the message is YELLING at us that one is IN and the other is OUT, so they obviously do NOT mean the same thing.  We dug a little deeper into this mystery. First things first, though: 6ABC Accuweather says we aren't getting snow until Tuesday, but we'll freeze our patooties off until then. OK, now the difference between a "Watch" and a "Warning:" Storm Watch: "This crap may happen any minute." Storm Warning: "Look outcher windah, this crap is a'happenin' right now!" So, Delaware County (the whole county, as one, thinking entity), says we are to stop waiting to see if a storm will happen and start buying more rock salt and shovels, by Tuesday. Get on that, people. You've been warned. Here's the rest of the email: (You can sign up yourself by going to https://delco.alertpa.org/register.php) * SNOW ACCUMULATIONS...5 TO 9 INCHES. * TIMING...SNOW WILL OVERSPREAD THE AREA TOWARD LATE TUESDAY MORNING AND THE MIDDAY HOURS, THEN CONTINUE THROUGH MUCH OF TUESDAY NIGHT. THE HEAVIEST SNOWFALL IS EXPECTED TUESDAY AFTERNOON AND EVENING, WITH SNOWFALL RATES OF AROUND AN INCH PER HOUR. * IMPACTS...TRAVEL WILL BECOME HAZARDOUS DUE TO SNOW COVERED ROADS AND PERIODS OF LOW VISIBILITY. AREAS OF BLOWING AND DRIFTING SNOW WILL DEVELOP ESPECIALLY LATER TUESDAY AFTERNOON AND TUESDAY NIGHT AS WINDS INCREASE, RESULTING IN SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED VISIBILITIES AT TIMES. THE TUESDAY AFTERNOON AND EVENING RUSH HOUR WILL BE … [Read more...]