Weather WTH

We just received this email from Delco "..WINTER STORM WARNING IN EFFECT FROM 10 AM TUESDAY TO 6 AM EST WEDNESDAY... THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE IN MOUNT HOLLY HAS ISSUED A WINTER STORM WARNING FOR SNOW, WHICH IS IN EFFECT FROM 10 AM TUESDAY TO 6 AM EST WEDNESDAY. THE WINTER STORM WATCH IS NO LONGER IN   EFFECT."   First it says we have a winter storm warning in effect, then it says the winter storm watch is no longer in effect. "WARNING" and "WATCH" sound an awfully a lot like the same thing. But the message is YELLING at us that one is IN and the other is OUT, so they obviously do NOT mean the same thing.  We dug a little deeper into this mystery. First things first, though: 6ABC Accuweather says we aren't getting snow until Tuesday, but we'll freeze our patooties off until then. OK, now the difference between a "Watch" and a "Warning:" Storm Watch: "This crap may happen any minute." Storm Warning: "Look outcher windah, this crap is a'happenin' right now!" So, Delaware County (the whole county, as one, thinking entity), says we are to stop waiting to see if a storm will happen and start buying more rock salt and shovels, by Tuesday. Get on that, people. You've been warned. Here's the rest of the email: (You can sign up yourself by going to * SNOW ACCUMULATIONS...5 TO 9 INCHES. * TIMING...SNOW WILL OVERSPREAD THE AREA TOWARD LATE TUESDAY MORNING AND THE MIDDAY HOURS, THEN CONTINUE THROUGH MUCH OF TUESDAY NIGHT. THE HEAVIEST SNOWFALL IS EXPECTED TUESDAY AFTERNOON AND EVENING, WITH SNOWFALL RATES OF AROUND AN INCH PER HOUR. * IMPACTS...TRAVEL WILL BECOME HAZARDOUS DUE TO SNOW COVERED ROADS AND PERIODS OF LOW VISIBILITY. AREAS OF BLOWING AND DRIFTING SNOW WILL DEVELOP ESPECIALLY LATER TUESDAY AFTERNOON AND TUESDAY NIGHT AS WINDS INCREASE, RESULTING IN SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED VISIBILITIES AT TIMES. THE TUESDAY AFTERNOON AND EVENING RUSH HOUR WILL BE … [Read more...]