More Snowmageddon Info Feb 13 2014

Here is information from two press releases & a phone call from Township officials concerning the latest snowy onslaught and newest state of emergency. We don't know about your houses, but the Havertownies Headquarters now has 4 more bottles of wine and some scotch. School What-Daze-Is-It-Again? No school for the whole district tomorrow, BUT: Friday is a FULL DAY OF SCHOOL for Haverford Middle School, instead of the half day and conferences originally planned. If you had a conference scheduled for Friday, forget it. That sucker will be rescheduled. It isn't Valentine's Day, It's Get To Love Your Garbage day. NO TRASH PICKUP tomorrow, Thursday, Feb 13 or February 14, 2014. We have special guests coming to our house Saturday, so we'll have to find more room in the cans out back and hope the squirrels show us some mercy. Them guys ain't comin' to haul yer rubbish 'til Tuesday. Hush, hush now, with yer complaints. Voices carry. Mooove Yer Vehickels! We like to keep things super secret here in H-Town, so we don't mark the snow emergency routes. Either that or we just don't feel like ponying up the bucks to pay for signs, like the rest of Pennsyltucky. Anyhoo: We suspect the township is a bit more serious this time around about snow route clearing, seeing that they sent a press release with the affected roads in it, AND traffic was all jumbled up for hours on Darby and Brookline roads yesterday as crews with a huge front loader were scooping up piles of snow from the curbs and dumping it on the medians (or in some pile on Brookline). To wit, here's a direct quote from their press release: "The Township is requesting that all vehicles be removed from the streets as soon as possible. As the storm arrives and intensifies the Township would like to remind people to be careful and that only essential emergency personnel should be on the highways." So go over to our other post and check out the list. If your car is on it, move it off now, as the State of Emergency … [Read more...]