No snow? No problem! (& snow shovel match-up)

We will be writing this post with our best Delco accent. 

Here’s the State of the Tewnship, right now:

suburban street in winter, no snow

ooh, scairrry.

As ya probably kneow, an official H-Town Snow’mergency has been declared! Our intrepid officer-on-the-scene, Lt. Joe Hagan, has listed a whole crapload of roads ya cain’t park on and if your car ain’t got no chains then keep yer broke ass home! (Screll dewn to see Officer Hagan’s noot).

BUT! Havertownies has opened up the shoveling match-up service again! If you have a kid that wants to shovel snow this weekend, have them fill owt the form here: GOT SHOVELS?

If you have walks and driveways to be cleared, fill owt the form here: GOT SIDEWALKS?

We’ll match up kids in neighborhoods with those needing snow removal, and we’ll give yas a call on the phohhhne. We’ll talk regular. Maybe.


You all are on your own in terms of money exchanged, insurance, etc. Don’t sue us, we’re just trying to be helpful. We don’t cover or claim any responsibility. Use the forms and the service at your own risk.


From Officer Hagan:


Due to the most recent weather forecast and the high probability of extreme weather conditions, Haverford Township has declared a Snow Emergency effective 6 p.m. on Friday, January 22, 2016, as authorized by § 175-58 Declaration of Emergency of the Haverford Township Codebook of Ordinances. This declaration will assist in snow removal and the safe passage of emergency vehicles. The Emergency Declaration will end 6:00 p.m., on Sunday, January 24th, unless you receive further notification.  All unessential Township Facilities will remain closed during this event.

When a snow emergency is declared, it shall be unlawful, at any time during the continuance of the emergency, for any person, firm or corporation:

  • To park a motor vehicle or to allow that vehicle to remain parked anywhere on any Snow Emergency Route designated pursuant to this article; or
  • To drive any vehicle on any such Snow Emergency route unless that vehicle is equipped with snow tires, chains, or other suitable tract devices; or
  • To drive any vehicle which then becomes stuck on any snow emergency route during a snow emergency because of or related to the failure of that vehicle to be equipped with snow tires, chains, or other suitable traction devices.

In addition, please remember: 

  • Residents are responsible for clearing clear snow, sleet, and ice from the sidewalks in front of their property no more than 24 hours after a storm. 
  • Residents are also reminded that it is declared unlawful for any property owner, resident, contractor, agent or employee, to shovel, plow, discharge or otherwise place snow removed from private property into any street, roadway, sidewalk or alley within Haverford Township.  This ordinance is Strictly enforced!
  • Trash receptacles may not be placed on the street. This inhibits the snow removal vehicles from doing their job. Residents should place trash cans either on the lawn or curb in front of their property. 
  • Residents should avoid parking in cul-de-sacs. If they must park in a cul-de-sac or they must leave their vehicle on or near a highway, they must notify the Police Department by calling 911. 
  • After the storm ends, it will take the Township approximately 8 to 12 hours to complete the clean up, assuming normal conditions.  
  • Residents are also reminded not to clear the end of their driveway until the storm has stopped and the road is plowed curb to curb.  This will save you work and lower your frustration level.  The Township’s goal is to first open one lane of traffic in each direction or every road, then return to plow the snow back to the curb, exposing the storm inlets.


In accordance with the provisions of § 175-59, the highways or parts thereof to which the provisions of Article VIII, Snow and Ice Emergencies, shall be applicable as are described below.


Name of Highway Side Location
Ardmore Avenue Both Between County Line Road and Darby Road
Brookline Boulevard Both From Darby Road to a point 500 feet east thereof
Burmont Road Both Entire length
College Avenue Both Entire length
Colonial Road Both Entire length
County Line Road

Coopertown Road



Haverford Road to Old Lancaster Road

Entire length

Darby Road Both Entire length
Darby Creek Road Both Lawrence Road to Marple
Eagle Road Both Entire length
Earlington Road Both Entire length
Ellis Road Both From Lawrence Road to Ardmore Avenue
Glendale Road Both Entire length
Haverford Road

Karakung Drive



Entire length

Entire Length

Landover Road

Lancaster Avenue



Entire length

Old Buck to Old Lancaster

Lawrence Road Both Between Eagle Road and West Chester Pike
Manoa Road Both Entire length
Marple Road Both Entire length
Mill Road

North Drexel Avenue

Radnor Rd.

Steel Road





Between Earlington Road and Darby Road

Steel Rd to Township Line

Darby Road to Radnor Township Line

Eagle to Burmont Road

Township Line Road North Entire length
West Chester Pike Both Entire length
Wynnewood Road Both Entire length




Lt. Joseph Hagan

Haverford Township Police

1010 Darby Road

Havertown, Pa 19083
(610) 853-1298 ext 1248


FBINA Session #252