Whooping cough in HHS again. Babies Beware.

The Haverford High School nurse has sent through a warning letter containing information from the CDC about Whooping Cough. If you have a pre-vaccinated infant, take special precautions. If you are around infants, get a booster shot. Lots of adults contract whooping cough but it goes undiagnosed because adults don't always get the "whoop" cough from which Pertussis gets its nickname. If you have a persistent cough, go to the doctor ASAP. Please. Here's what you are helping to spread if you don't vaccinate your kids, or yourself. Watch. This is on you. Babies and immune compromised people (like kids with cancer) can and do die of this. Or watch this god-awful video of a baby's last days, who died of this disease. FOR NO REASON. IT IS PREVENTABLE. PARENTS SHARE BABY'S LAST VIDEO BEFORE BABY DIED OF PERTUSSIS Here's the letter from the HHS nurse. Link is to download the pdf. Click on the pic to read.   nurse_scan Whooping Couch 2016     … [Read more...]

Chatham Park Chorus sings National Anthem at HHS Boys Basketball Game

What a great job! Congrats to all the kids in Chatham's 4th and 5th grade chorus and their teacher, Sonya Genstein. … [Read more...]

Bathroom scrawl bomb threat in HHS found to be not credible

Dr. Nesbitt, principal of the Haverford High School, sent out a robocall this evening to all HHS parents. The message states that a pencil-scrawled threat of a bomb going off in the high school set to detonate tomorrow at 12 noon was found in a bathroom stall today. Dr. Nesbitt made a note of the misspelling of "school" as "scool," seeming to indicate the lack of seriousness of the threat. Nevertheless, Haverford Township Police thoroughly scanned the building and deemed it to be safe. School will be conducted tomorrow. (A full day for all Haverford public schools - except the middle school that has a 10:50 am dismissal for conferences this week - as opposed to Lower Merion SD which has a half-day.) Listen to the message:   Photo Credit: Oteo on Flickr (This is not from the high school) … [Read more...]

Bomb threat at the High School

Today, Dr. Nesbitt, the principal of Haverford High School sent out a robocall to all of the parents of high school students. The text of the message, about a threat the school received via social media site Twitter, is posted on the Haverford School District website. Here it is in full: Late last night (March 23) a student posted a threatening comment towards the high school on Twitter. The administration worked cooperatively with the Haverford Township Police who visited the student’s home and determined that the threat was not credible. Dr. Nesbitt spoke with the police and the family late last night. All believe the student made an impromptu very bad decision. To add to everyone’s comfort level, the high school had additional staff and police present in the building when school began today. The principal met with the student and parents at 7:15 in the morning and appropriate disciplinary action was initiated. We would like to reiterate that this was a spontaneous posting and that it was not a premeditated, credible threat. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that you should always be careful regarding what messages you post in the online world. Thank you. (Read that over again. It truly is outstanding. It is anti-panic. It is practical. It is a perfect response to a regrettable mistake). Some chatter on Twitter names a student suspected of the threat but we won't repeat the name here. The student might be a minor. Also, the whole incident might be a bit blown out of proportion (by the students, not our excellent and calm-headed authorities), as one student tweet suggests:   A few weeks ago, the reported Owen Boss of Patch.com put up a little article wondering if the bomb-threat evacuations that have happened in other parts of the US will happen in Haverford. The article sites the use of anonymous social media application Yik Yak. The offending message containing an alleged bomb threat against Haverford was … [Read more...]