Whooping cough in HHS again. Babies Beware.

The Haverford High School nurse has sent through a warning letter containing information from the CDC about Whooping Cough. If you have a pre-vaccinated infant, take special precautions. If you are around infants, get a booster shot. Lots of adults contract whooping cough but it goes undiagnosed because adults don't always get the "whoop" cough from which Pertussis gets its nickname. If you have a persistent cough, go to the doctor ASAP. Please. Here's what you are helping to spread if you don't vaccinate your kids, or yourself. Watch. This is on you. Babies and immune compromised people (like kids with cancer) can and do die of this. Or watch this god-awful video of a baby's last days, who died of this disease. FOR NO REASON. IT IS PREVENTABLE. PARENTS SHARE BABY'S LAST VIDEO BEFORE BABY DIED OF PERTUSSIS Here's the letter from the HHS nurse. Link is to download the pdf. Click on the pic to read.   nurse_scan Whooping Couch 2016     … [Read more...]