Violence threat at high school deemed not credible

Haverford High School students were sent back to normal class activities at 9:50 a.m. this morning, Monday, January5, 2015 after a student reported a threat delivered via another student to the school's principal, Dr. Nesbitt. Facebook lit up this morning with parents searching for information after receiving texts from their students currently told to "shelter in place" on lockdown in their classrooms and other holding areas like the gyms and auditorium. At 10:40 a.m., Dr. Nesbitt sent out the following robocall to parents in the township: NBC Philly reported on it here. Will update when more information comes in. UPDATE: 3:32 PM. Official statement from the high school: "This morning a student at Haverford High School informed Dr. Jeff Nesbitt of an internet threat to the High School. Dr. Nesbitt immediately followed district protocol by putting the school in Shelter In Place, contacting the local Haverford Township Police, and District Administration. The Haverford Police worked with school and district officials to search the building. The Police and Administration found no threat. At 9:50 am, Shelter In Place was lifted and students resumed their normal school day. Three Haverford Township Police officers will remain on campus for the school day. Haverford High School students and staff followed the safety protocol that they practice in drills throughout the school year. The Haverford Township Police will continue to investigate the threat." … [Read more...]

Bathroom scrawl bomb threat in HHS found to be not credible

Dr. Nesbitt, principal of the Haverford High School, sent out a robocall this evening to all HHS parents. The message states that a pencil-scrawled threat of a bomb going off in the high school set to detonate tomorrow at 12 noon was found in a bathroom stall today. Dr. Nesbitt made a note of the misspelling of "school" as "scool," seeming to indicate the lack of seriousness of the threat. Nevertheless,¬†Haverford Township Police thoroughly scanned the building and deemed it to be safe. School will be conducted tomorrow. (A full day for all Haverford public schools - except the middle school that has a 10:50 am dismissal for conferences this week - as opposed to Lower Merion SD which has a half-day.) Listen to the message:   Photo Credit: Oteo on Flickr (This is not from the high school) … [Read more...]