Bathroom scrawl bomb threat in HHS found to be not credible


Dr. Nesbitt, principal of the Haverford High School, sent out a robocall this evening to all HHS parents. The message states that a pencil-scrawled threat of a bomb going off in the high school set to detonate tomorrow at 12 noon was found in a bathroom stall today.

Dr. Nesbitt made a note of the misspelling of “school” as “scool,” seeming to indicate the lack of seriousness of the threat. Nevertheless,¬†Haverford Township Police thoroughly scanned the building and deemed it to be safe. School will be conducted tomorrow. (A full day for all Haverford public schools – except the middle school that has a 10:50 am dismissal for conferences this week – as opposed to Lower Merion SD which has a half-day.)

Listen to the message:


Photo Credit: Oteo on Flickr (This is not from the high school)