Hey Uze!

You, yous, youse, uze. Uze done now? Uze better not go off on the free mason remark We've lived here in Delco, in H-Town, for 20+ years. We came here after living in center city for 7 years. Growing up in the Poconos, we used "you people" for a plural you. In Pittsburgh, where we went to Pitt for college, it was "yinz" and "yinz guys." Here, we've been using "youse" - putting the "e" on the end of the written form because for some reason it makes it easier to pronounce. Got a big group of people to address? Add an "all" as in "youse all." The "uze" would probably come out as uzi, like the machine gun. It was a good effort by this graffiti, uh, artist, though. … [Read more...]

A Delco town makes a “coolest burb” list

Super popular interior design and all-things-Millennial-living website Apartment Therapy has made a list of 24 of the Coolest Suburbs in the US, and a Delco town made the cut! Spoilers: Haverford Township isn't it. I'll bet you can guess which Delco town was, though. Think hipster. (ok that's a little unfair but we're feeling jealous)  |  |  |  |  | \/   You guessed it! Media, PA made the list. We have to give it up to them down there. Media is a pretty fun town. We like the whole Christmas thing and the trolley going down the street and the coffee shop/music scene. Some super fun Escape the Rooms are down there too. And hey. It wasn't Narberth. No Lower Merion towns made the list. Soooo... tea. DELCO DOES IT AGAIN. Just sayin'. There are some Jersey 'burbs, but the rest are spread out. Have you been to any? Are they cooler than Media and the pure awesomeness that is Delaware County? The 24 Coolest Suburbs by Apartment Therapy Image: Apartment Therapy … [Read more...]