Hey Uze!

You, yous, youse, uze. Uze done now? Uze better not go off on the free mason remark We've lived here in Delco, in H-Town, for 20+ years. We came here after living in center city for 7 years. Growing up in the Poconos, we used "you people" for a plural you. In Pittsburgh, where we went to Pitt for college, it was "yinz" and "yinz guys." Here, we've been using "youse" - putting the "e" on the end of the written form because for some reason it makes it easier to pronounce. Got a big group of people to address? Add an "all" as in "youse all." The "uze" would probably come out as uzi, like the machine gun. It was a good effort by this graffiti, uh, artist, though. … [Read more...]

Lonely Planet Loves Philly

We're #1. Lonely Planet names Philly #1 place to check out in 2016. (Probably has a lot to do with our World Heritage designation... first city in the US. We're like, Paris, yo.) … [Read more...]