Whooping cough warning in the Township

  The high school nurse put out a robo-call to all HHS families. Listen to the call here Please warn any pregnant women or mothers and fathers of newborns or babies less than 1 year of age who are not yet old enough for the pertussis vaccine. Also, call your own doctors and see if a booster is prudent for you and your high school children. We don't want to start a fight on this blog, but we'd like to say that Havertownies are pro-vaccines. Pertussis kills newborns and the vaccine has absolutely no links to any learning disabilities or other harmful effects. This infected student should not have been allowed in the high school and should have been quarantined. Here's some information from the CDC: Pertussis Homepage Whooping Cough Epidemic in California Penn & Teller's succinct vaccinations explanation. Watch this if you think vaccinations causes autism. The point is: It doesn't. But let's just assume it does and take a good, hard look at the numbers. Take care, everyone. Wash hands, get booster shots. Keep your babies inside until your doctors say it's OK to wander out. Make sure to take every precaution to keep those under 1 year of age safe. Let your neighbors know. This is serious.   photo credit: Internet Archive Book Images on FlickrĀ  … [Read more...]