Spiriting: Why your street’s trees are TP’ed

It may seem like mischief night has come early to H-Town, but what's really happening is some good ol' fashioned school spirit, in the form of bathroom tissue. Any trees on your street look like this lately?   Haverford High School's Fords (Yes, they are named after the original car. Go figure) are a fun group. The night before a big game, sports participants, sometimes including band members, cheerleaders, heck, anyone involved (but mostly athletes) are shown some love with a donation of unused, unspooled toilet paper hung gently and carefully on their property's trees or shrubbery. We can tell who on the street has teenagers. Also, we here at Havertownies have noticed a correlation between houses that are "spirited" and those containing pretty (because they are all young, they are all pretty!) teen girls... Anyway, now you know. Go get 'em FORDS!!! … [Read more...]