More burglaries in Haverford Township

Two more burglaries were reported in H-Town, this time in the Penfield section. The crimes occurred on Saturday March 1 after 5:00 PM The following email regarding the burglaries was sent to his constituents by 8th ward commissioner Chris Connell on March 3, 2014 at 9:30 PM:   "500 BLKS CANTERBURY ROAD AND DEVON ROAD SAT  MAR 1  AFTER 5:00 PM This past Saturday evening police were dispatched to the 500 block of Canterbury Road for a possible burglary.  After returning home the homeowner noticed that the kitchen window was open.  The homeowner responded properly by not entering the home, then immediately contacted 9-1-1 via a cell phone.  Two police units responded, one being a K-9 unit.   The K-9 and officers searched the premises with negative results of the intruder.  After the home was cleared for the homeowner’s safe entry, it was realized that items from the second floor had been taken. While investigating the Canterbury Road burglary, the K-9 unit tracked a scent to the rear of another home on the 500 block of Devon Road.  Upon arrival, police found an open back door to the residence which appeared to have been opened forcibly as indicated by the pry marks.  A search of the unoccupied residence by the K-9 and officers had also resulted without incident of an intruder.  After the residence was secured, a phone number was obtained leading to the homeowner being contacted.  Once the homeowner arrived home, a search through the home brought question to some possibly missing items. Police canvassed the Penfield neighborhood.  Interviews with neighbors did not yield any results. The Canterbury Road burglary was committed between the hours from 5PM to 7PM when the homeowner was out of the house doing errands.  The home was entered that quick during a time when most families are home eating dinner, including the neighbors.  As unfortunate that this incident is, the homeowner did the right thing by observing the house before entering it.  Once an issue … [Read more...]