What ‘State of Emergency’ means in H-Town

With today's icy conditions causing massive power outages (10,000 Township residents was the last updated number via Commissioner Dan Siegal), the Township has officially declared a "State of Emergency." That's nice and all, but... what the heck does that mean exactly? Well, we dug around the ridiculously dull terribly interesting township codes and found a bunch of stuff. Here is the relevant part: Chapter 175: VEHICLES AND TRAFFIC § 175-59, Article XI Schedules – §175-98 Schedule XXIII Emergency No Parking Areas: Ardmore Avenue Both Between County Line Road and Darby Road Burmont Road Both Entire length College Avenue Both Entire length Colonial Road Both Entire length Coopertown Road Both Entire length Darby Road Both Entire length Drexel Avenue Both Entire length Eagle Road Both Entire length Earlington Road Both Entire length Glendale Road Both Entire length Haverford Road Both Entire length Landover Road South Entire length Lawrence Road Both Between Eagle Road and West Chester Pike Manoa Road Both Entire length Marple Road Both Entire length Mill Road Both Between Earlington Road and Darby Road Township Line Road North Entire length West Chester Pike Both Entire length Wynnewood Road Both Entire length That means, if your car is parked on any of these specific lengths of roadway, you are asked to remove them so the township services can clear the area of snow and debris. Also, all non-essential travel is suspended. Now, from what we can gather from various sources, there are states of emergency and then there are STATES OF EMERGENCY. Governmental bodies can apply for state aid to help "weather the storm" of clean-up costs when they declare states of emergency. So, declaring one isn't all THAT special. Today's ice and power outages certainly warranted it. Why struggle to get it all paid for ourselves when … [Read more...]