Kinks in Haverford School Lunch Accounts

Seems like Haverford School District (HSD) is making a change in the lunch account system. Parents who are trying to log on to the present system,, are getting errors. A password reset attempt eventually produces this email from the site: It appears that Haverford School District is making a change.   They are no longer active within our system.  Therefore, the parent accounts under this district are no longer active.   You will need to contact your school directly for more information.   Keep in mind that if your students have a current balance, those funds are at your school.   Thank you for using A call to Gerry Gannon, HSD's Food Services Director, told us the new system,, is still being tested. We asked if we had missed an announcement, and Mr. Gannon said no. Announcements on the change will go out after complete testing is done. (Thinking summer might have been a good time for this, but hey... whatevs, as the kids say). If you had money left in your child's account from last year, your pre-existing balance is still active. Your student can use that money. Also there is always the cash option (but this doesn't work out so well for the little ones, who tend to promptly lose their change at recess. Every once in a while at Chatham an old guy comes out with his metal detector and combs the fields. He probably has already recovered the price of the metal detector). If you go to ParentOnline and register your child (you'll need the 5 digit ID number), you can add more money to the account, monitor purchases, etc. The official announcement of the change will come sometime in... let's take bets. January? We have a feeling Mr. Gannon probably isn't paid enough to be fielding all the phone calls he's been getting about it. So, spread the word. Leave Mr. Gannon alone and hang tight. It'll work itself out eventually. … [Read more...]