Granite Run Mall Runs No More

From the Granite Run Mall social media pages: People are leaving comments with memories about growing going to the mall, how it was in its heyday back in the day, etc. We here at H-townies didn't grow up going there, but when we moved to the area in 2000, that's where the local townies told us to go for family portraits. One of the department store's studio was our main portrait squeeze for the early kid years. Funny how that whole "portrait every year" thing dies out after a while. Anyway, Sears, Boscov's, PENNDOT, Acme, AMC, Kohl's, Friendly's, and Pappone's will all stay open. You'll have to drive around to all the different spots, though, because the actual mall and its connecting walkways will be closed. The News of Delco has some info about proposed development on the existing site... something about apartments. It's like a dystopian dream, living in an ex-shopping mall. Somehow I think that won't fly, but they are thinking about gutting it. We'll see. It's all just hot air at this point. Do you have memories of the mall to share? RIP GRANITE RUN MALL! … [Read more...]