Brookline Fire Company Parade Info

Brookline Fire Company will be celebrating it's 100 year anniversary on Saturday, June 7, 2014. Fire companies from all around the area and even some from Boston will be present for the event. We've gathered some official and unofficial information about the parade, the traffic routes, what to expect and more. Please share! We also have a discussion over on our Facebook page. Brookline Official Page Brookline Fire Company Facebook Page (check here for photos after the event, share your photos too) From the Official Facebook Page for the Parade: "Come join us for a day of Emergency Vehicles, Marching Bands, Bag Pipes, and many other vehicles to help celebrate our 100th year of service! Parade will kick off at 12 Noon and will travel from Manoa and Allston roads, and will travel Manoa Rd, Earlington Rd, and Brookline Blvd. The parade will end at station 35." Details: Parade time: Noon to 2 P.M. Silent parade, no sirens. Over 100 Firetrucks to see and tour. Bring the little ones! NO PARKING signs already up length of parade route and more on Darby Road to Rte 3. Parade route:  A. Parade Start: Route 1.3 miles long Registration: Leedom Road and Mill Road Apparatus Staging: Brookline Blvd. & Darby Rd. to Darby Rd. & Park Ave. Marching Units Staging: Chatham Park Elementary School Brookline Fire Company: Awards presentation Reviewing Stand Brookline Fire Company Staging Non Fire Staging: Kennmore Rd. Apparatus Parking after parade: Middle and High School B. End of Parade     BASEBALL and SOFTBALL CHANGES From an email from Brookline Baseball: "Due to the parade, Brookline Baseball & Softball has had to alter its playing schedule. Chatham Park, a staging area, will be shut down and traffic around the Police Field will be slow but not impassible. We are fortunate to have Joe Hagan from the Haverford Twp. Police, on our Board. Joe has shared with us the following information to help those whose … [Read more...]