We made the papers. This time for something good.

Haverford Township (remember - there is no official "Havertown" - That is a US Post Office shortening of Haverford Township [better than "fordship" or "Havership" or "fordtown"]) makes the Philly news every once in a while. Usually the news isn't so great. This article, from today's Philadelphia Inquirer, talks about the efforts volunteers have made toward brightening up the place. (If we could only do something about Eagle Road from Darby to WCP!) Proud residents are splashing it all over social media. So here you go:   Haverford Twp. experiencing a civic reboot Mari A. Schaefer, Staff Writer Posted: Saturday, January 2, 2016, 1:07 AM Ten years ago, Haverford Township was known for its political infighting, tired business areas, and status-quo Civic Council. Then an election brought three new township commissioners; fresh blood energized the Civic Council - an umbrella group of local organizations - and grassroots volunteers got to work. The impact is visible: new streetlights, improved sidewalks, better parking. The township boasts a popular music festival, a new recreation center and YMCA, and a diverse restaurant scene that includes Mexican, Thai, modern Irish, Italian, gastropubs, trendy breakfast spots, and earthy coffee houses. "All these things send signals to consumers, businesses, and investors that this place is getting better," said Donald Kelly, vice president for the nonprofit Haverford Partnership for Economic Development. "We are excited about the direction our community is going." It hasn't been easy. Haverford faces a unique challenge - nine separate business districts in a 10-square-mile township. "You can't just put your money in one place," said Commissioner Mario Oliva. "We are spread out all over." About 48,000 people live in the inner-ring Delaware County suburb, flanked by Upper Darby and Radnor Township, sliced by West Chester Pike and bounded by, among other things, City Avenue and Darby Creek. The … [Read more...]