AirBnB wants your house for the Pope’s visit

  We all heard rumors about homeowners over by the golf course making gaboogle bucks renting out their house or even their backyards for the PGA tournament. But the reality was a bit different than that. Most people made the going rates, one to two hundred dollars a night per person-ish. Still, that's some nice cash if you can stay at Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop's for a bit. Person-to-person accommodations broker AirBnB recently sent out an email to users to spread the word about an orientation session they're having for potential landlords in the area. They're searching out space for the upcoming events Made in America and the papal visit. They're after first-time listers and they are fishing through their past renters for interest. Havertownies HQ is way too ...lived in... to double as guest accommodations. Hell, it barely functions as owner accommodations. But perhaps you have a room to spare or can rent out your whole house. Take a stab at it. You never know. RSVP for the orientation session on August 27th at 6:00 pm at 30 S. 15th St. downtown. But don't forget to ask Mom-Mom first! … [Read more...]