Suspicious flyer put in mailboxes

An unsigned “mimeographed” (<-tee hee) flyer has shown up in area mailboxes. This obviously fake “Amazon Logistics” letter is in the photo. Click on it for a closer look.


It’s an obvious scam. Amazon would never:

  1. Use door-to-door “outreach”
  2. Use paper for first-line communication
  3. Need random customer feedback for logistics
  4. Ask for customers’ access codes
  5. Send a person out to collect delivery preferences
  6. Not sign a letter with a name
  7. Use random capitalization (Our Business partner)
  8. Use photocopied paper

Here at Havertownies HQ we received one of these flyers. When we asked @AmazonHelp, they assumed we were talking about an email phishing attempt. They were unfamiliar with this letter. We called the police and handed over the letter. Not all the neighbors received one so perhaps there is a leaked list of Amazon customers somewhere and this scammer got a hold of it. When posted on Facebook, another Townie thought she saw a while male, 30s, in black pants and shirt, driving a tan sedan distributing these flyers. This is just a guess, though, so take that under consideration.

Our thought is the plan is this: Step 1: Distribute the flyers. Step 2: Send an official-looking person with stolen Amazon logos on his shirt and a clipboard to knock on doors. Step 3: Fish for information like where packages are left, whether or not doors are open, and if there is anyone home during the day.

The Haverford PD said there are no permits issued right now for solicitation in the Township except for maybe the Natural Gas sellers. So no matter what, don’t open the door to anyone you don’t know and aren’t expecting. Call 911 for any solicitors, even if they seem legit.

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