Uber, UberX lawsuit in Philly, but dey still rockin’ da ‘burbz

Philly biz journal reports on some drivers getting angry at other drivers in the whole taxi/uber/uberX mess in the city. Whatever. Besides for work, we wonder how many Townies actually make into Philly. We've met people that freely admit they "never" go down there. (???) Then again, we've met South Philly people who freely admit to never going to Center City (except for Mummers, we guess. Anyway, the point of all of this is: we probably don't worry too much about urban Uber upsets, because Uber and UberX have been carting us Delco types around since 2014. We've been surprised to learn how many of the local teens have Uber accounts on their phones. Makes sense, though: working parents, non-driving students, daily transportation needs. That's some Irish practicality, right there! We haven't used Uber or Lyft yet. Have you? What's it like? Seems like the opportunity for drivers here is pretty good, with all the kids needing rides. LINKS Uber getting sued, but we can't really tell who is suing them Super secret UberOps since Fall 2014 Photo Credit: Bob Mical on Flickr … [Read more...]