Haverteen Beat: Young Instagram Star Dies

You may have seen a few upset teen and preteen girls in the township. Here at Havertownies, we want to keep you updated in all the township's happenings, even within the secret society known as "Haverteendom." Here's what might be causing some sadness in your house, if you have any girls aged about 7-16 (especially if your kids have Internet access): Beloved online star, 13-year-old Talia Joy Castellano, has finally succumbed to the neuroblastoma¬†and other cancers that she'd been fighting since she was a tiny tot of 4. (Neuroblastoma is the same cancer that killed the now-famous Alexandra "Alex" Scott of Wynnewood, PA, who started a humble lemonade stand that grew into an international movement.) Talia Joy, a sweet kid who turned her baldness over to a love of cosmetics instead of wigs, was known around the Web as TaliaJoy18. She enjoyed more of a cult following than most Hollywood celebrities. TaliaJoy18 had: 2.7 million followers on Instagram 1 million+ on YouTube (with one clip of her hundreds of entries garnering 8 million views alone) 562,000 Likes on Facebook¬†(along with over 862,000 pieces of activity there, which is no small feat, especially since tweens and teens have largely abandoned the service) 222k+ followers on Twitter Talia also had her own website that had a US Alexa ranking (a website that rates global and national web traffic for sites) of 38, 323. That may not sound very good, but let us assure you, it is quite excellent to be anywhere in the 6-digit mark, let alone 5 digits. It's outstanding. The site's global rank was even in the 6-digits at 306,466. Major ad agencies with unlimited budgets can't achieve that and Talia did her work herself, all while battling an aggressive cancer. Talia obviously touched the hearts of many people, including celebrities like Ellen Degeneres. The makeup brand Covergirl presented Talia with a cover photo of herself, honorary Covergirl status, and a check for $20,000. Talia seemed incredibly … [Read more...]