If you want open space, BUY IT

There's a ridiculous letter from Phil Heron making the rounds. Mr. Heron is the Editor of the Daily Times. He is echoing the woes of locals who protest development over open space. He talks about the wide open views in Kansas. What the hell? In Kansas all that open space is PRIVATELY OWNED and used to make profit. We don't do much farming around here, the very close suburbs of a major metropolitan and World Heritage city. Our privately owned spaces will also be used to make profit, just like Kansas. Development is the only way that open space makes profit around here. If the townsfolk with their pitchforks and loud voices want some space to stay "open," let them pool their gold pieces and buy it. Or be downright evil and abuse eminent domain by condemning the property, THEN buy it. Whatever. The owners of that land don't have to be charitable just because you want them to be. This crap is ridiculous. Here's the article, making rounds on Facebook yesterday:   _______________________________________ Letter From the Editor: Open-space dilemma hits home hard in Delco PHIL HERON Residents protesting the development of Beaver Valley let their sentiments be known at a recent meeting at Garnet Valley Middle School in Concord. DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA FILE PHOTO Every time I hear another hue and cry about how we are losing open space, I think about I-70 in Kansas. Have you ever driven across Kansas? I have, several times. I will never look at our diminishing open space the same way again. Let me ask you this: If we got into the car right now, how many states do you think we could get to in an hour or so? Three, maybe four? Driving from one end of Kansas to the other is one day. When they say it’s flat, they are not joking. You can almost look out at the horizon and see where you are going to be tomorrow. Almost 40 years later, one scene still stands out in my mind. I was headed back east on a blazing hot summer day, when I found myself … [Read more...]