How to Hide Your Havertownie Search Trail

Sometimes we just want to search the ol' WWW without leaving a trace. Browsers like Safari, Chrome and Internet Explorer all keep a history of every term you type into a search bar and every page you visit. Some users don't find this data tracking to be a big deal, as no entity seems all that interested in spying on an individual's browsing habits. Other users cringe at the privacy-crushing possibilities of a lengthy history being accessed by others... or the government, if you're a conspiracy nut up on current events. Thankfully, there are some sites that allow anonymous searching. One such site, DuckDuckGo, is even a Philly area start-up! Located in Paoli, DuckDuckGo is a web page that will let you search on terms without leaving a trace. Other options are StartPage or an "incognito" window in your browser. More and more anonymous searching options are coming online each day (not so much for mobile yet. Don't browse for medical information or other incriminating things on your phone). Go over to DuckDuckGo & give 'er a try. Because even in our everyday lives in Havertown, we still have stuff to hide. … [Read more...]