Google Glass in Havertown?

Seen any cyborgs lately? I'm looking everywhere, eagerly/anxiously awaiting the advent of Google Glass in HT. If you've been under a rock lately and don't know (or more likely don't give a f***) about Google Glass, here's a rundown: Google Glass is a $1500 pair of frames with no lenses (that users had to apply to buy) with an operating system that connects to the Internet, can record video and pictures, and overlays a screen on the world only the wearer can see. I have yet to see a pair in real life. This is odd for me, because I generally hang around early adopter types. The summer has kept me close to home, though, so I'm not out and about as much lately. Privacy problems arise, obviously, because the dude (and let's be real, it'll be a white dude) sitting next to you in Kettle, Edgewood Cafe – or that new place on Eagle –may be recording your every bite without your knowledge. Think on this. If someone whipped out their iPhone and kept it pointed it at you, that'd be über rude, right? Fisticuffs might ensue. Well, with Google Glass, you just don't know if Mr. About To Be Punched is recording. Think how CREEEEPY-ass this would be at, say, Freedom Playground. *shudder* Perhaps we need some sort of pre-conceived, endorsed Havertownies script to say to these cyborgs, especially if they are at a park or watching us chew. Or maybe we get the board of commissioners to ban Google Glass altogether (LOL!). Any ideas? Maybe naked girl Moira has something to say 'bout it. Anyone know her?   … [Read more...]