Lending E-Books from HTFL

A question came up in Facebook about how to lend e-books from the Haverford Township Free Library (HTFL). We're here to help. Here's what you need to know to get yourselves all up & e-booky today. Things You Need: An Internet connection (doesn't have to be great. HTFL has free wireless) Library card (take a proof of residence to the HTFL to get a card; they're free too!) E-reading device/software like a laptop, iPad, Kindle or Sony E-reader 5 minutes Things You Do: Step 1: Whip 'em out. (Your library card and your computer, that is. What did you think we meant?) Get online. Step 2: Go to the digital books download page. Side note: you are technically lending books from the Delaware County Library System, not HTFL. Step 3: Click on Account in the upper right corner. Put your library card # in the box on the left. Spaces or no spaces; it doesn't matter. But it's Ms. Jackson if you're nasty. Step 4: Browse for books. (click on the MENU button by account if you don't see a list of all the sections). Smartie friend and fellow Havertownie Karen Campbell Vitale suggested this tip for browsing: "Advance Search by Format and Books Available, then filter results by 5 star reviews... You still have to wade through a ridiculous amount of bodice-rippers, but your results are narrowed down to about 200-300, which makes it easier to browse." Step 5: Find a book you like. The upper right corner of the bookcover appears dog-eared. It reveals an open book symbol that is either light or dark gray, indicating the book has a slight wait or is available for download immediately, respectively. Click on the book and download your preferred format or place the book on hold. Step 6: Go back to your machine, open up the doc and read away! Follow the directions to transfer the file to your reader that are found at your reader's website. Our fun and fabulous steps aren't doing the trick? Well, HTFL has their own helpful page dedicated to the reluctant … [Read more...]