Some Townie dropped out of some political race

In the very probable case you missed it, Townie Jack Stollsteimer dropped out of the PA state¬†Commonwealth attorney general race. Currently our AG is Kathleen Kane and she ruffled a lot of feathers because we have dirty old creeps as judges in this faire greene land. Some accused her of misdeeds, but that all still remains to be seen. The House is still trying to impeach her, though. State Supreme Court is involved (in all ways), so it's messy. ANYHOOOO... Townie Jack dropped out (maybe once he realized he would have to live in Harrisburg if he won), and gave his thumbs up to Josh Shapiro, who is a Commissioner in Montco. That seems like a big leap for Mr. Josh Shapiro. Can you imagine any of our Townie Commissioners just up and running for state attorney general? Yeah right.¬†But hey, this Josh guy has experience being the chairman of the PA Commission on Crime and Delinquency. That's a lot of commissioning. Here's the DELCO Times article if you care. We've pretty much summed it up. Flickr user Jonathan Smith (if that's his real name) snapped the Harrisburg(no-h) photo with a borrowed camera   (We corrected "Montgo" to Montco after someone bitched about it on FB. No idea where that g came from) … [Read more...]