Haverford Police: We’re on the prowler. You lock your car doors

LOCK lock lock lock lock lock lock the doors

LOCK lock lock lock lock lock lock the doors, driveway or street parked!

A post is going around Facebook this week that reported of a masked prowler in the WestGate Hills section of H-Town. Here is a screen shot from Facebook, dated Jan. 15, 2016:

screen shot reads (exact spelling and punctuation ignored): Hi, I'm in the WestGate area and wanted to let the residents know there is a prowler roaming in the yards of the homes in West Gate Hills. This figure I saw was in completely black attired face was spandex cover as in body suite also I saw this black figure in my yard at 6 am tuesday morning and against wednesday morning at 3am lurking in the dark again all in black. I believe he's scouting out yards to break in. I made a police report and reached out to the town watch web site civic association. This is for everyone to be aware. you just don't know and myself what this person is up to and how far he's willing to go. Thank you and stay safe. Our families depend on us. Jan. 12th and 13th last seen.

Facebook post in a local group

We called the Haverford Police Department for an update. Lt. Hagan said there is increased patrols in the West Gate area but at this point in time, the HPD thinks it may be an isolated incident. As reported to them, the supposedly male figure was dressed in a black “spiderman-like” spandex suit that covered from head to toe. Besides the initial report, there have been no more reports of sightings of any prowlers. Still, Lt. Hagan asks residents to call 911 for anything at all. The police force has canines that can track the path of trespassers. Lt. Hagan insisted that 911 is to be used freely and immediately. “You’re not bothering us,” he said.

Seen this guy? (probably without the nunchucks)

Seen this guy? (probably without the nunchucks)

Lt. Hagan would like to emphasize something else though: LOCK YOUR CAR DOORS. We’ve seen a serious uptick in thefts from cars over night, he reported. Cars parked in driveways as well as parked on the street have been entered. The unifying theme is that the vehicles were left unlocked. The perps aren’t actually damaging the vehicles. They are checking to see which are unlocked and grabbing loose change, etc. It’s a crime of opportunity. Please remember to lock your car doors. And again, call 911 for any suspicious activity, even if you think it’s “nothing” or “stupid.” Lt. Hagan would rather you be safe than sorry. Let them determine what’s what.


PHOTO CREDITS: Car in driveway Jim Grey on Flickr

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Screen shot: Havertownies.com via Facebook.com


Update: The original post of this article had the HPD Lt. listed as Lt. Logan. It is actually Lt. Joe Hagan. It’s been corrected. Our apologies.