ICYMI: Chestnutwold 5th graders win local essay contest

5th graders holding up a sign that is a huge check for 1000 dollars

On January 11, the Delco News Network site reported on the (former Gov.) Rendell Center’s “Citizenship Challenge” essay contest.  The contest was held on December 17th 2015 and the winners, who took home a big ol’ check for $1000 were our own Chestnutwold 5th graders!

Get this – they had to write about the 4th Amendment protections against unlawful search and seizure. THEN do a skit about it! Whaaaa?

They keep using that word, “5th grade” and we don’t think it means what they think it means… When we were in 5th grade, we were writing about Smoky Bear and How to Stop Forest Fires (Only ME! *I* am the ONLY ONE WHO CAN STOP THEM) and even then, we only got an honorable mention in the county contest. 4th Amendment? Geez.

random man standing by a "Smokey the Bear" sign

Writing about Smoky the Bear back in the day was a lot easier than what our 5th graders wrote about.

These kids ROCK, though, and for real rock, not SchoolHouse Rock. They actually know the US Constitution and we only know the Preamble song, if we’re lucky.

Go, KIDS! You little law scholars, you.







Rendell Center Citizenship Contest

Here’s the article over at delconewsnetwork.com

BTW, you know ICYMI means “In case you missed it” right? And BTW means “by the way.” C’mon people. Keep up.

Kids with check photo by Rendell Center

Smoky the Bear Photo Credit: Steven on Flickr (and yeah, that’s Steven in the pic)