Haverford Trails events coming up

Here’s some info from the Friends of Haverford Trails:


Bike the Haverford Heritage Trail

Saturday October 25, 1:00 – 4:00 PM
Combine our local history with a bike ride! We will meet at the bottom of the steps at the Beechwood-Brookline station of the SEPTA Norristown High Speed Line, on Karakung Drive near Mill Road. The history-themed route covers the historic sites along the Haverford Heritage Trail loop and includes the Darby Creek Trail (currently 1 mile paved; future section is an unpaved trail with a few rough surface areas and walk-through sections). A mix of mostly on-road, some trail and some off-road, with some hills. Off-road sections require 25cc tires or wider (hybrid, touring or mountain). The distance is 14 miles, and we will stop at each historic site. For Haverford Heritage Trail details see hht.havtrail.com.

Last 2014 Karakung Drive Traffic Closure

Sunday October 26
This Sunday will be the final Sunday closure of Karakung Drive to motor vehicle traffic for 2014. Why not get out and take advantage of it? This annual action, taken by Haverford Township with the cooperation of PennDOT, is the most well-received and popular initiative of its type in the western suburbs.

“Walk & Talk” at Haverford Reserve

Sunday November 2, 1:00-3:30 PM
By popular demand, Rich Kerr will repeat his well-attended “Talk and Walk” presented by our township Parks and Recreation Department. The “talk” portion, held in the CREC building in Haverford Reserve, is an illustrated presentation called “The Railroad Branch, Haverford Reserve and Darby Creek in Haverford.” It covers the historical highlights of the old railroad line, the remnants that remain today up around “the Reserve” and the history of the land there – “Brookthorpe Farms,” the “Brookthorpe” estate and foxhunting in Haverford, the Atwater Kent “Foxcroft” estate, the Haverford State Hospital and finally the Haverford Reserve park. It is peppered with relevant, insight-yielding quotations about these local topics from 1920-era authors Christopher Morley and J. Stanley Reeve. We will then go out and walk the area, to see the historical remnants ourselves. There are some very short steep parts, but otherwise it’s a relaxed and informative walk through the township’s most remote corner. You are welcome to participate in the talk, the walk, or both! Wear sturdy footwear.