Fire on Darby Road at East Wilmot. Traffic diverted.


This fire was responded to by Llanerch, Bon Air, Brookline and Oakmont fire companies. Pay your dues, people! They are all volunteer and they do great work. No-one was hurt as far as we know. We learned that a contractor was working inside the house. We saw the contractor walk to the ambulance unassisted. We think the house was empty of residents at this time. ┬áNo word yet when the traffic will be diverted. We did hear one of the major news network’s helicopters so look out for the local news tonight. The fire companies did knock on doors downwind of the fire to warn residents of smoke. The smoke was pretty thick. It looked like that fog we had a few weeks ago.

Did we remind you to pay your fire company and ambulance dues? Hopefully these pics will get you on that task right away. Be safe, y’all.