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What does “Commissioned article” mean?

The Interwebz calls it a “sponsored post.”

And Mosquito Platoon is our very first one here at Havertownies! Yay!

This site costs more money than you think, mostly in hosting and registration fees. Our revenue model is just like newspapers: advertising and sponsored posts.

Oh, wait, you don’t think newspapers do sponsored posts? You’re adorable.

We bloggers admit to doing them, even if traditional media outlets don’t.

You can be sure of this: we here at Havertownies won’t do sponsored posts for products or services we don’t 100% believe in.

We also are trying our best to keep our advertisers local. We want to support only H-Town businesses. So if you have a local business, please help support Havertownies by buying a banner ad or a sponsored post.

You can also support the site by shopping! Double YAY!

If you click through this super-secret, amazing Amazon portal, Havertownies.com gets a few pennies’ commission on your purchases. Seriously, every little bit helps! If you’ve ever gotten any use out of the site, please use this link before you shop:

Some of you have asked if we take donations. We’ll be set up for that online soon. But you know, if you see Christine walking around, you can always throw a dollar at her. Just make sure she knows it isn’t a cue to start stripping.

If you have any questions or to contact us about sponsoring Havertownies.com, please write to admin at (@) haver townies dot (.) com or contact us via our Facebook page or our Twitter account.