Chalk it up to spring!

Walking along Pennsy trail last night, we caught a sure sign of spring: chalk drawings! We hadn’t seen the typical native markings on Pennsy trail before. There seem to have been some ancient rituals performed involving grids of Xs and Os, as well as some cave drawings, “name tagging” and what we assume is a reference to the natives’ local leadership, “Fancey Man.” We faithful suburban explorers present our photographic evidence of the phenomenon here. Click on each to examine closely. 

paved walk with pink, yellow, blue and white drawings made in chalkboard chalk. Tic tac toe, shapes, figures, etc. Looks to be kid-made.

Mysterious chalk markings. Haverford Township, PA. The Pennsy Trail, near the YMCA end.

close up of Tic Tac Toe boards in pink chalk

Our experts believe this is some sort of ancient hazing ritual.

Markings of a naming nature, with the addition of symbols in a mysterious pattern. Could be full moon celebratory homage.

Pink chalk rendition of a smiley face with a triangular (isosceles) spike rising out of the center top of the circle, mounted above a larger, more oval circle with stick legs attached to the side/bottom.

A human like figure. Possibly also a unicorn. Perhaps the mythological creature has been spotted in these parts? Explorers should stay alert for sightings.

A blue chalk heart with a smaller, multicolored heart inside it. "ILianna" is written across the heart in multicolored chalk. Patches of blue and pink fill the heart

“Ilianna” – the forensic archeologists on our team agree that this symbol is indicative of royalty. A princess, perhaps?

A filled-out stick figure with a smiley face, a moustache, a top hat and suit. "Fancey man" is written in two places by the drawing, all in yellow and green chalk on dark pavement.

And for the most intriguing of the specimens, we present “Fancey Man.” The team is debating its significance. What say you, fellow suburbanite?