Find the black dog – photos from today’s walk

We went for a little walk today along Pennsy Trail to see the snow before it melts.

Shout out to the other dogs we met along the way, including new resident puppy Frank and his sweet mom and dad who know the former Miss Sandowich-now-Coffey (coffee n a sammich, anyone? Can’t make this stuff up) who teaches Español at the High School. Welcome to H-Town, A&K and Frank! You are now Townies! Just like the rest of us. Good luck. (#kiddingnotkidding)

Pennsy Trail and Veterans park may have “no dogs” sign but once we’re on the paved path, you can’t see us anyway. 🙂


This photo of Pennsy Trail behind Veteran’s Park contains 1 black dog. No, really.





There’s a cardinal in this tree bush thing.


the blow up evidence: splotch o’ red. He flew away before we could get a better pic. Because: dog.


This is the continuation of Pennsy Trail across Manoa.