Drones, drones, everywhere, and not a minute to think…

drone against a skySo H-Town cops have their own drones. The only shooting it does is with a camera, which the cops used in the summer to get arial shots of Merry Place’s Life. Be in it. Day. (Which, according to reports from H-Town’s youth, involved some sort of Kumbaya hold-hands-in-a-circle moment that was waaaaay awkward).

Don’t shoot down the cops’ drone. That would be bad. And we’re not telling you to mess with the FAA airspace, or discharge a firearm in the Township (not permitted, btw). BUT we can tell you that reports abound that one of a drone’s fans hit with, say, a rock or a bird or something, will take out the whole drone. Those little flying pests are dependent on all of the fans. Take one out, down comes the drone.

We searched the “General Laws of the Township” for “Drone” and we got bupkis:

No Drone Results

On a totally unrelated note, let’s think back to those wonderful, boring summers of years ago, when we climbed trees and whittled sticks and skipped stones on the creek. We had pocket knives and digging spoons and never any shoes on our feet. And we always carried around our own homemade sling shot, one we made with a stick we found by the creek and a rubber band from the garage. Ah, the simpler days.

We wear shoes now. The creek is probably contaminated. But we still have the sling shot. Just sayin’.

We're not telling you to aim at the fat squirrels...

We’re not telling you to aim at the fat squirrels…


Deputy Drone of Haverford Township

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That toy drone you got your kid for xmas? You gotta register that thing with the FAA.


Photo Credits:

Drone: San Leandro Privacy on Flickr

Screen shot, “drone” search: Havertownies.com

Sling shot: Havertownies.com