Update on burglary investigations

HPD symbolThe letter below has been making the rounds on Nextdoor.com and local Facebook pages. It is from Lt. Charles Moore from the Haverford Township Police Department and addressed to his boss, HPD’s Chief Carmen Pettine. It contains information about the ongoing investigation of the burglaries that have plagued H-Town as of late. We here at Havertownies have substantiated the letter, its contents and the sender and receiver. It’s legit.

Remember, please call HPD to report any suspicious activity, even if you are only just a little bit wary. Don’t talk yourself out of your instincts if something doesn’t seem right. Just call 911. Another crime deterrent: know your neighbors. Keep in contact with them. A strong network is the best defense.


From: Lt. Charles Moore
Date: July 24, 2014 at 7:52:32 AM EDT
To: Carmen Pettine
Subject: Burglaries


While investigating the burglaries that have been happening in the Ardmore section of town a suspect was identified. This suspect sold several of the watches that were taken from one of the burglaries on Bryn Mawr Ave. to a Jewelry /Pawn shop located in Upper Darby Twp.( Some of which have been recovered).

On Tues. 7-22 Upper Merion Twp. Arrested a Keith Morrison B/M age 24 for a burglary/home invasion that had occurred in their town. The characteristics of the burglary were identical to ours and the male arrested was the same person that we have identified as selling the watches in Upper Darby Twp.

Our Detectives responded to Upper Merion Twp. and spoke with their detectives and interviewed Mr. Morrison. As a result of the interview and evidence already gathered we are preparing an arrest warrant charging Mr. Morrison with the Two burglaries on Bryn Mawr Ave.

Although it is very likely that he is responsible for the other burglaries as well, (due to the timing and proximity to the Rt#100 line) we will continue to give extra attention to the area and follow up on all leads.

Also, Mr. Morrison is in custody as a result of the Upper Merion burglary and previous offenses and will not be getting out of prison any time soon. We will file our charges immediately.

Lt. Charles E.Moore
CO Detective Division
610-853-1298 Ext.1205